With our own olive groves located in North Peloponnese in the county of Achaia, in the region of Aiges as well as with the finest olives selected from Messinia and Creta, we produce a series of olive food products: Three varieties of olive oil, an olive jam & an olive spoon sweet.


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We select the finest ingredients of the Greek land and according to the health standards of our family’s long tradition, we offer you premium quality food.


Refusing to cause damage to the olive trees, we don’t baste the tree and its fruits with sticks as well as we don’t use any mechanical means to pick olives. All of our olives are hand picked and carefully selected between October and November (depending on weather and climate).
After harvesting and within 12 hours, we wash and clean the olive fruits before extracting the olive oil. Extraction is a totally mechanic process where there is no treatment that holds any chemical products, so that our olive oil is 100% pure and natural. Furthermore, cold extraction is processed below 23 °C to preserve all natural composites of colour, flavour and aroma.


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