Roasted Lamb Boletus Duxelles – Elderberry, Raspberry, Curry sauce

Fusion Countries: Italian / African Fusion Meat. (Tunisia)

Meal: Meat Main Entree.

Recipe Title: Roasted Lamb Boletus Duxelles – Elderberry, Raspberry, Curry sauce 

Approx Preparation and Cooking Time: 3 hours.

Approx Serving Time: 30 minutes.

Difficulty Level: 2/5.

Total Servings on this Recipe: 4 persons. 


Roasted Lamb Boletus Duxelles:

2 – Lamb Breast or the Brisket (fresh without)

20 gm = 1.3 tablespoons. (Boletus) Porcini Mushrooms (fresh)

50 gm = 1.7 oz. White Cultivated Mushrooms

25 gm = 5 teaspoons. Pancetta (or cured ham)

20 gm = 4 teaspoons. Home by Nature Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

1 – Rosemary thread

1/2 – White Onion, (finely chopped)

15 gm = 1 tablespoon. Breadcrumbs

Pepper (to taste)

Salt (to taste)

Elderberry, Raspberry, Curry sauce:

60 gm = 1/4 cup. Raspberries divided (fresh)

60 gm = 1/4 cup. Elderberry divided (fresh)

60 gm = 1/4 cup. Pineapple Juice

60 gm = 1/4 cup. Soy Sauce

30 gm = 2 tablespoons. Home by Nature Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

30 gm = 2 tablespoons. Rice Vinegar

60 gm = 1/4 cup. Fresh Basil (minced)

8 gm = 1/2 tablespoon. Garlic

8 gm = 1/2 tablespoon. Curry (powder)

8 gm = 1/2 tablespoon. Chili (powder)

Salt (to taste)

The Final Touch: Mix the juices of the lamb roasting with remaining bread crumbs and make a dry flavor mix. Reserve until assembling point is due.

Method of Preparation:

Roasted Lamb Boletus Duxelles: Soak the Boletus in cold water for 10 minutes. Remove the soil around them, and drain. Chop them in small pieces and sauté with for a few minutes in Home by Nature Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Chop the cultivated mushrooms, onion and pancetta finely in a food processor. Add the breadcrumbs, the pieces of boletus, rosemary, salt and pepper and mix together, keeping the boletus pieces perfect. Lay down the lamb breast and pound it with the meat pounder for 5 minutes. Now begin to put all the mixture in the middle of the breast lengthwise. Place the lamb in the baking tray and cook at (180°C = 356°F) for about half an hour. Once is done keep it warm, and retain the juices. Wait until assemble point.

Elderberry, Raspberry, Curry sauce: In a medium bowl, combine all the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Bring to a boil in a medium boiling pan, simmer 10 minutes until has reduced, strain and continue to assembling. Garnish with the reserved berries.

Assembling: Well we have finally arrived to the final stage of another delicious culinary creation. Let’s proceed to slice the lamb extremely carefully into squares and put two (2) pieces per serving. Now spread the Elderberry, Raspberry and Curry sauce, delicately as seen. Make sure the sauce has set enough to allow the feel and visual representation shown in the picture here. As a final golden touch; take the juices that came out of the lamb roasting and incorporate some of the spice powder in it, drying it a bit and sprinkle the mix all over the plate, tastefully. Once again, another beauty. This time South meets North. The mysterious, and spicy Tunisia blends with the classy, and intensely flavourful Italy. Enjoy the bliss!!