Lobster Lime Carpaccio – Red Beets Ginger Emulsion – Basil Sake Sorbet.

Fusion Countries: Italian / Asian Fusion (Japan – 日本)

Meal: Appetizer.

Recipe Title: Lobster Lime Carpaccio – Red Beets Ginger Emulsion – Basil Sake Sorbet. 

Approx Preparation Time: 5 hours including: Carpaccio’s Chilling Time.

Approx Cooking and Serving Time: 45 minutes.

Difficulty Level: 3/5.

Total Servings on this Recipe: 4 persons. 


Lobster Lime Carpaccio:

15 liters = 529 oz. Cold water.

1 – Large lobster (alive and fresh)

500 ml = 17.64 oz. White wine

4 – Fresh Limes (juiced)

Red Beets Ginger Emulsion:

100 gm = 3.5 oz -3.5 oz. Red Beets (peeled and washed)

10 gm = 2 teaspoons. Ginger (peeled)

60 gm = 4 tablespoons. HOME by Nature: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt (to taste)

White Pepper (to taste)

Basil Sake Sorbet:

473 gm = 2 cups. Fresh Basil Pulp

60 gm = 1/4 cup. Powdered Sugar

178 ml = 3/4 cup. Water

178 ml = 3/4 cup. Sake

5 ml = 1 teaspoons. Lemon juice

Method of Preparation:

Lobster Lime Carpaccio: Fill a large stock pot with cold water. Add the white wine. The wine relaxes the lobster and adds a delicate flavor. Add the fresh limes juice and include also the discards, place the lobster in the pot of cold water. Place the pan on a stove with the flame on high. In about 15 minutes, the water will boil. The water should not boil over. When the water does boil over, adjust the intensity lower. The lobster should be pink. In about 5 to 10 minutes, drain the lobster. Run cold water over and let it cool off. Place it in the freezer wrapped in transparent food plastic, but do not let it to freeze completely. Must be frozen 70%+ to be sliced easily.

Red Beets Ginger Emulsion: Juice the red beets and ginger in a food processor or mixer. Place the juice collected in a small saucepan. Bring to a simmer and skim off the solids and reserve. Continue to reduce until (100 gm = 3.5 oz) only remains. Add solids back to the pot and reduce by 1/3. Slowly whisk in the HOME by Nature: Extra Virgin Olive Oil over low heat, little by little at a time. For a finer consistency, use a hand blender, and strain through a fine strainer. Season to taste, and serve immediately. Do not chill or the Extra Virgin Olive Oil will change consistency.

Basil Sake Sorbet: Dissolve sugar in water. Add fresh basil paste, lemon juice and Sake. Mix all in the blender until it is consistent. Proceed to strain to obtain only the pure, cold infusion. Chill thoroughly and freeze in an ice-cream device according to manufacturers instructions. Transfer to a freezer-safe container and freeze until firm, about 2 hours.

Assembling: First slice the lobster tail remarkably thin with a knife or a slicer. Proceed to put on a plate the Red Beets and Ginger emulsion with a kitchen deco-brush just like in the image or create your own design. Proceed to put the thin slices of lobster over the emulsion as indicated on the picture. Now confection the quenelles.

Hold one spoon at an acute angle, inside of the bowl of the spoon should almost be facing the top of the Sorbet, in that way, when you start to scoop the Sorbet, it will roll onto and into itself, then play with both spoons until forming an egg like shape. Warm the spoon with the palm of your other hand, and fast and decisively transfer it to your dish. Hesitation at any stage makes for an ugly quenelle. (quenelle is: the final oval shape formed with the spoon).

Place with careful attention, the quenelles on top of it all as its shown in the picture. Repeat the exercise simultaneously on every dish at the time to avoid it from cooling off or melting.

Bon Appetit!!!