«HOME Supreme» is the flagship of HOME by Nature products. We are very proud for this product because it consist of one of the best biological olive oil varieties in the retail sales.
So what’s the thing that makes it so unique? «HOME Supreme»is produced in one of our olive groves in a 3 acres of land and it’s total production is about 3-4 tones per year. This land is fenced and is carefully looked after all the 365 days of year. Inside it top quality biological Coronean variety is raised.
The Harvesting of olives is exclusively by hand. Next the seed is transported to the oil press with crates. The overall time demanded for the seed to reach fro the tree to the press is only about 6 to 8 hours. Then the natural juice of the olive is stored into special air conditioned tanks which are inside a room with steady temperature (20ο C) all the year.
With such a strict production method , we achieve to bring to your plate an extra virgin olive oil of biological harvest with zero acidity(0,00% in oil acid per 100 gr), fruitier with rich aroma and color, of unique texture in its taste and of high alimentary value which maintain all its antiacid abilities. This excellent variety comes with a deluxe case which completes aesthetically the high quality of ’Home Supreme’’.