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HOME By Nature CO was found at September of 2014 and it’s a Greek independent company which deals with the production and commerce of high quality olive products destined for gourmet and delicatessen cuisine.

Having grown into the Greek traditions and ethics ,we have learn to deal food as a way to create strong bonds between family and friends, contributing in a happy and harmonic way of life. This is the reason why we select the best and top quality materials and the most modern production methods along with strict processes, so we can offer you the best result in all over our product list.

Treat yourself with our products !

Our selected and proprietary olive groves  are located  in Peloponnese and Crete. We produce 3 varieties of extra virgin olive oil, olive jam  and olive spoon sweet.

Under our personal care we offer you top quality products..


Home Olive Oil Production Method

 Production Steps:

The way of production is divided in 5 steps:

  1. Harvesting
  2. Transportation
  3. Olive seed processing with the method of cold press (cold extraction when we have centrifuge oil press)
  4. Receipt and Storing of olive oil
  5. live oil Bottling

With respect to the nature we raise the crops using techniques and processes that are based on the principles of biological agriculture  and sustainable development.
The harvesting and gathering is done completely by hands.

Once the daily harvest is over, during the next 12 hours , we wash and clean the seed just before we transport them for the extraction of olive oil. The extraction is a total mechanical process, which on the other hand does not include any chemical products and admixtures , in order to keep our olive oil 100% pure and natural . Of great importance is also the temperature throughout the whole extraction process , which constantly is retained below 24-25 ο C (cold press) to maintain all the rich features (poluthenoles, anti-acids etc) and compoundα components such as the color, the taste and the aroma.

Just after the crush, the olive oil is gathered and stored in special tanks, which are inside a controlled environment with steady temperature (20ο C) any time of the year. The oil stays there for about a month and a half in order to undergo the first natural “filtering” and then follows the bottling process .

Bottling is processed with the most modern means and in the same time we make sure that all health and safety conditions are observed. The bottling- standardization machines are located in a special modulated room inside the oil press, so we avoid transfusions and transportation of the olive oil and as result we are able to bottle with perfect quality.